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Saint Albans High School - Directory

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Date Range
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Name Current NameLocation


Brinkley, William York SC
Graham, Kathy (Kathy Price)
Kidd, Philip Natchitoches LA
Mahoney, Albin Lewisville TX
Martin, John
Osborne, Susan (Susan Workman)


Bragg, Alice (Alice Thomas)
Dillon, Rodney Saint Albans WV
Martin, Daniel
Strawther, Barbara (Barbara Evans)
Williamson, Teri (Teri Saylor) Jeffersonville KY


Adams, D' Wayne (D' Wayne Adams) Marrero LA
Asbury, Kim (Kim asbury)
Campbell, Roy (Roy Campbell)
ODell, Rick Lowell OH


Crowder, Becky (Becky Grate)
Harris, Dino charleston sc
James, Will Charleston WV
Johnson, Jeff
Pauley, Carol (Carol Rogers) Saint Albans W.
Pettry, Cheryl (Cheryl eary) Poca Wv
Ranson, Otis
Thomas, Chuck


Berry, Connie (Connie Tucker) Pinch WV
Brannon, James Bradenton FL
Burgess, Edward R (Edward R "Eddie B") Saint Albans WV
Chenoweth, Nanette (Nanette Knadler) Williamstown WV
Cleary, Steve Houston Tx
Dailey, Trish St. Albans WV
Fizer, Cindy (Cindy Helms)
Hale, Terri (Terri McClure)
Harmon, Ruth (Ruth Ward) Houston TX
King, Lynn (Lynn conwell) baltimore md
Pahl, Jim
Pannell, Barbara (Barbara Nabors) Cross Lanes WV
Parish, Sarah (Sarah Williams)
Polsue, Mark Fredericksburg TX
Prater, Cindy (Cindy Holdren) Winfield
Thompson, Candy (Candy Lyles)
Underwood, Barbara (Barbara Seales) North Little Rock AR
Veres, Pamela (Pamela Hanshaw) Saint Albans wv
Wallace, Scott
Workman, Gene TORNADO WV
Zornes, Kenneth Mebane NC


Lowell, Tom (Tom lowell)
Stocks, Mary (Mary morris) Saint Albans WV


Bird, Sarah (Sarah Taylor)
Burgess, Luann (Luann Phillips) St. Albans WV
Ellis, Kim (Kim Buchanan)
Gunn, Sherry (Sherry Engebretsen) Clearwater FL
Horner, Donna (Donna Vollner) st. albans wv
Horner, Donna (Donna Vollner) saint albans wv
Lesner, Thomas
Matson, Kathy (Kathy Odell) waverly WV
Riley, Keith Pensacola FL
Rollins, Betsy (Betsy Messinger) Tulsa OK
Smith, Jesse
Spainhour, CJ
Turley, Rose (Rose delaney) Saint Albans wv


Andrews, Donna (Donna Jurgens) Walnut Creek CA
Brewer, Patty (Patty Vergilio)
Connery, Steve
Connery, Steve Hurricane WV
Hammock/Karnes, Dawn (Dawn Karnes)
Kim, Daniel
O'Dell, Shonnette (Shonnette Mosier)
Williams, Zivia (Zivia Kocher)


Fink, Joyce (Joyce fink)
Griffith, Janet (Janet Kelly) Midlothian VA
Rogers, Kathy (Kathy Farrell) Chapel Hill NC
White, Lisa Reading PA

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